Student Mobility and Support Area


Social schemes aimed at students' personal and professional development throughout their academic studies, focusing on psycho-pedagogical intervention, mobility, and professional integration; monitoring students who are studying abroad; encouraging mobility by helping students apply for international schemes and by promoting incentives for interchange programmes between FCUL and universities outside Portugal.

The Student Mobility and Support Area comprises the Psychological and Learning Support Office and the Employability Office.

Division Head

  • Ana Paula Matos

    Student exchange and Erasmus+ programmes


  • Ana Rita Fortunato

    Incoming student mobility

Psychological and Educational Support Office

Providing psychological and learning assistance to the student body in general and in particular to students with special educational needs or other difficulties detected during the course of the students' academic studies; psychological support, upon request, to elements from other FCUL bodies.


  • Cláudio Pina Fernandes


    Psychology Appointments

    Development of soft skills and students with Special Educational Needs

  • Andreia Santos

    Psychology Appointments

    Student welcome programmes

  • Sofia Rosa

    Psychology Appointments

    Service Support

Employability Office

Connecting FCUL graduates with the job market, promoting their integration into working life and monitoring their professional careers; carrying out activities that promote FCUL's relationship with its alumni and potential employers; interacting with the R&D Board on employability-related issues.


  • Ana Vitória Atouguia


    Placement Opportunities and Employability

  • Ana Virgínia Pereira

    Placement Opportunities and Employability

  • Fernando Alberto

    Placement Opportunities and Employability

Unit Contacts

Building C4, Level 1

Student Mobility and Support Area: Ext.  24115 / 24143 E-mail

Psychological and Educational Support Office: Ext. 24125 E-mail
Webpage of the Psychological and Educational Support Office 

Employability Office: Ext. 24150 / 24119 E-mail
Webpage of the Employability Office


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