Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The epicentre of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Sciences is centred on the activity of its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area/Tec Labs, in close collaboration with the Research Support Office, both focal points of a series of structures and activities that aim to promote a more innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem within the institution:

Tec Labs building
Detail of the Tec Labs - Innovation Centre building

  • The Tec Labs incubator, which houses a portfolio of more than 30 science and technology-based start-ups and spin-offs, has dedicated laboratory spaces, support laboratories that provide added-value services to the incubated companies, and close collaboration with the network of mentors, investors and corporate partners at national and international level.
  • The promotion of a set of activities to stimulate innovation and technology transfer, by supporting researchers who present invention communications, as well as those involved in the various activities promoted under the ScienceIN2Business methodology, including its formal and non-formal teaching initiatives in these areas of entrepreneurship and innovation aimed at students, teachers, researchers and non-academic staff.
  • The connection to the business community through the dynamisation of a Business Network that aims to create synergies with a number of companies of national importance and the various teaching, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and executive education structures that exist in the Faculty of Sciences.