IT Services Unit


Managing, implementing, providing support for and promoting the use of IT services and systems within the scope of FCUL activities, as well as assisting in planning these activities; providing support at higher decision-making levels; reporting to relevant authorities, under the legal terms in force.

The IT Services Unit comprises the Services and Servers Area, the Information and Development Systems Area, the Networks and Communications Area and the User Support Office.

Service Director

  • Susana Pereira

Services and Servers Area

Ensuring computer systems and services function properly and have been correctly set up; managing FCUL's Datacentre; proposing and implementing changes to operating services that may best serve FCUL and/or contribute towards rationalising existing resources.

Division Head

  • Paulo Bastos

    Systems Administration

    Data Centre Management


  • Sérgio Cláudio

Information and Development Systems Area

Administering FCUL's information and software application systems; proposing, implementing and updating software that contributes towards improving FCUL operations.

Division Head

  • António Broega

Networks and Communications Area

Proposing and implementing network configuration updates; managing and ensuring the security maintenance of FCUL's data network and that the entire community is connected to external networks, namely the Internet and landlines. 

Division Head

  • Pedro Botas

    Network Administration

User Support Office

Providing support to the entire FCUL community on using its services and infrastructures; proactively disseminating services and best practices; supporting and administrating e-learning platforms and multimedia services, including videoconferencing and streaming services.


  • Bruno Mata


  • Eduardo Oliveira

    User Support

  • Joel Fonseca

    User Support

  • Nuno Luz

    User Support

  • Diogo Matos

    User Support

Unit Contacts

Building C1, Level 2

Tel. 217 500 067 Ext. 21248 E-mail 


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