IT Services Unit

IT Services Unit

Management, implementation, security, reliability, support and promotion of the use of computer services and systems within the scope of the Faculty's activities, and also support for the planning of those activities; support for higher decision-making and reporting to the competent authorities. The IT Services Unit is responsible for the architecture and evolution of existing computer systems, taking a proactive role in the planning and development of new systems that contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of the Faculty's activities.

The IT Services Unit comprises the Services and Servers Area, the Networks and Communications Area, the Applications and Development Area and the User Support Office.

Head: Susana Pereira | Contact details and opening hours


Services and Servers Area

Ensuring the correct functioning and configuration of the computer systems and services; managing the data centre; proposing and applying changes to existing services that contribute to the improvement of the institution's functioning and/or contribute to the rationalisation of its resources.

Head: Paulo Bastos | Contact details and opening hours


Networks and Communications Area

Ensuring the correct functioning of the data network; proposing and implementing changes to the network configuration that contribute to the improvement of the service provided; managing and securing the data network, the connectivity of the entire community and the interconnection to external networks, namely the Internet and the voice infrastructure.

Head: Pedro Botas | Contact details and opening hours


Applications and Development Area

Ensuring the correct functioning and availability of the Faculty's applications; researching, proposing, implementing, configuring, adapting, making available and correcting applications that contribute to the improvement of the institution's operation or to the rationalisation of existing resources.

Contact details and opening hours


User Support Office

Support to the Faculty community in the use of its services and computing and communication infrastructures, taking a proactive character in the dissemination of services and good usage practices.

Head: Cláudia Aldeias | Contact details and opening hours