R&D Centres

The research architecture of the Faculty of Sciences has a complex structure, both in what regards the relationship between FCUL units and departments and the participation of many other faculties and research institutes.

Research is organised in R&D multi-departmental units, with different names: centres, laboratories and institutes. These units join researchers from different Faculty departments and also include many researchers (about 30%) from other Portuguese and international universities.

The majority of these units are part of the system of R&D centres that are funded and assessed by the FCT.

Several FCUL researchers are also part of R&D units that are associated with other faculties and institutions, although - in most cases - they carry out their research at FCUL premises. Such is the case of the units GREEN-IT, IGC, MOSTMICRO and IMM.

FCUL R&D units operate in different subject areas and are interdisciplinary in nature.