R&D Unit

R&D Unit

Project management, support to scientific research activities, pursuit of knowledge enhancement activities and other connections to the business fabric; support to higher decision making; dissemination of relevant information and reporting to the University of Lisbon and other official bodies.

The R&D Unit comprises the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area, the Research Support Office and the Project Management Office.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area

Knowledge valorisation activities, promotion and operationalisation of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer; management of the Tec Labs Incubation Centre; dynamisation of the relations with the business fabric; innovation indicators creation.

Head: Rita Tomé | Contact details and opening hours


Research Support Office

Support for researchers and research structures in their activities, namely: monitoring and decoding public policies and funding for R&D and Innovation; speeding up processes related to intellectual property; interface with organisations in which the Faculty participates or is associated with, contractors and similar structures of the University of Lisbon; generating relevant R&D indicators and respective information flows.

Head: Fernando Lopes | Contact details and opening hours


Project Management Office

Administrative and financial management of projects throughout their life cycle, ensuring accountability to funding bodies and budgetary control of each project, interacting with the Human Resources and Financial Resources and Assets units whenever necessary.

Contact details and opening hours