R&D Unit

R&D Unit

Managing projects, and supporting and developing scientific research and other activities that foster knowledge and connect FCUL to society at large; providing support at higher decision-making levels; disseminating relevant information; reporting to the University of Lisbon and official organisms under the legal terms in force.

The R&D Unit comprises the Project Management Area, the Research Support Office and the Transfer of Technology Support Office.

Project Management Area

Administrative and financial management of projects throughout their life-cycle, ensuring budgetary control of each project and accountability to financial entities; interacting with the Financial Resources and Assets Unit whenever necessary.


  • Sílvia Gomes

    Project and funding programmes management

  • Vera Candeias

    Project and funding programmes management

  • Ana Sofia Alves

    Project and funding programmes management

  • Patrícia Paraíba

    Project and funding programmes management

Research Support Office

Providing non-scientific support for researchers, namely interfacing with contractors and participants; monitoring and interpreting public policies and R&D and Innovation funding schemes; monitoring affiliates and developing ties with related University of Lisbon activities; linking FCUL and the FCUL Foundation; harmonising processes, procedures and the information flow of R&D activities; R&D indicators.


  • Fernando Lopes


    IT systems, indicators and dissemination (R&D)

    Intellectual property

  • Ana Faísca

    Public R&D policies

    Institutional and international relations

    Institutional projects

  • Theresa Ferreira

    Protocol, agreement and contract management

Transfer of Technology Support Office / Tec Labs

Activities that advance and value knowledge; fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and the transfer of technology; managing the Tec Labs Incubator; innovation indicators.


  • Rita Tomé


  • Beatriz Lampreia

    Administrative management and maintenance

  • Sofia Araújo

    Incubation management

  • António Marques

    Technology Transfer management


Building C5, Level 3

Project Management Area: Ext. 25110 / 25125 / 25109 / 25161
E-mail areagp@ciencias.ulisboa.pt​

Research Support Office: Ext. 25304 / 25354 / 25336
E-mail projectos@ciencias.ulisboa.pt

Transfer of Technology Support Office / Tec Labs: Ext. 20103
E-mail mail@teclabs.pt

Office Hours (working days)

9.30 am - 12.30 pm / 2 pm - 5 pm

Project Management Area: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm


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