Studying Abroad

Doing a period of studies at a foreign higher education institution, under partnerships entered into by the Faculty of Sciences, has many advantages: the application, registration and welcoming process at the hosting institution is simplified, besides full academic recognition of the studies undertaken as long as successfully completed and in accordance with the study plan previously approved by FCUL.

If under the Erasmus+ programme, students may apply for funding. However, there is no guarantee that all students be awarded a mobility grant!

But a mobility experience is not unique to the Erasmus+ Programme. It is also possible to study outside Europe or at a institution with which there is no Erasmus+ agreement, even if in Europe, as long as there is bilateral agreement or protocol to facilitate mobility. However, the University of Lisbon does not fund this type of mobility. 

Some reasons for studying abroad:

  • Living and studying in another country
  • Knowing new cultures
  • Developing language skills
  • Experiencing new working methods
  • Having an enriching academic and personal experience
  • Enhancing professional added value
  • Establishing an international network of friends and contacts
  • Living a unique experience!


Students in Amsterdam