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A privileged location in the heart of Lisbon

Campus map available here


How to get here?

Getting to FCUL/ULisbon is easy and quick - by bus, subway, car or even bicycle (cycle lanes).

Available transportation:





  • 2.ª circular - Campo Grande / Cidade Universitária exit



spacius: real time management of study spaces

spacius is the website that manages study spaces in real time, collecting and presenting information about the available classrooms and their occupancy level, which must always respect the 50% of the original room capacity - more information available at COVID-19: Operation of the School Year 2020/21.


The campus in figures

  • 11 buildings
  • 10 departments
  • 19 R&D units
  • 134 teaching laboratories and 184 research laboratories
  • 12 bars, canteens and restaurants
  • 4 libraries and 10 student spaces
  • 30 computer labs | campus-wide WiFi network
  • 15 000+ m2 of green spaces
  • 1788 solar panels I 335 000+ kWh produced
  • 118 recycling facilities I 1 composting plant


Off campus