As far as information mechanisms are concerned, FCUL has already established a tradition of evaluating the functioning of curricular units, materialized in surveys of students after the end of the academic period. The survey is integrated in the academic system, which simplifies the effort to identify responses. In this way, the survey of each curricular unit addresses, separately, the content of the school itself, the operation of each of the typologies of the classes and each of the teachers.

Since the response to surveys is a condition for access to the examination enrollment page, the response rate is around 80%.

At the end of each school year, students are also invited to respond to a survey about the study cycle, which is presented to them under the same conditions as the curricular unit surveys.

The formal process of collecting information ends with the employability surveys for graduates, carried out 2 and 10 years after finishing the course.

Additionally, monitoring and self-assessment is further encouraged by: