Data Protection

The Faculty of Sciences respects and protects the personal data of its students, teachers, researchers, staff and the rest of the community, guaranteeing the rights recognised in the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Data Protection Officer of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon is Doctor Tiago Abade (appointed by Order D/45/2020, of 4 November).

To assist the Director and to coordinate the activities related to the protection of personal data with the Data Protection Officer, the Faculty of Sciences Privacy Team has been appointed, composed of the Deputy Director, Professor Hugo Miranda; the Administrator, Guida Carvalheiro; the Coordinator of the Legal Support Office, Andreia Rezende; and the Coordinator of the Internal Audit and Quality Office, Catarina Viola (Order D/22/2021, of 24 May, subsequently updated by Order D/42/2023, of 25 July).

The Privacy Team is responsible for the monitoring and management of privacy issues, in particular the assessment of the processing of personal data in the development and operationalisation of activities and projects, the validation of the legal basis for the processing of personal data and the response to security incidents relating to personal data breaches.

Requests for modification, deletion, withdrawal of consent and questions related to the protection of personal data should be sent to the Privacy Team at, where a response is guaranteed within the legal timeframe.