Communication and Image Unit

Communication and Image Unit

Internal and external communication, through actions aimed at promoting the image, reinforcing the identity of the institution and disseminating the Faculty's activities.

The Communication and Image Unit comprises the Academic Marketing Area, the Journalism Office, the Science Communication Office and the Image and Digital Content Office.

Head: Celma Padamo | Contact details and opening hours


Academic Marketing Area

Image promotion and dissemination of both the educational offer and the Faculty's activities among the school public, at national and international level.

Head: Miguel Gonçalves | Contact details and opening hours


Journalism Office

Internal promotion of the image of the Faculty; promotion and mediation of contacts between teachers/researchers and the media; development of press consultancy activities and journalistic coverage of events of interest to the Faculty, promoting its dissemination and the valorisation of its image in society and the mass media.

Head: Ana Subtil Simões | Contact details and opening hours


Science Communication Office

Direct interaction with the Departments, with the Research and Development Structures and with the teachers and researchers, in order to promote effective communication to internal and external agents about the Faculty's science output and its potential impact on society.

Contact details and opening hours


Image and Digital Content Office

Production of contents for communicating all of the Faculty's activities; support for the coverage of the School's events and activities; promotion of the dissemination of the Faculty's activities in the digital media.

Head: Ana Rita Cunha | Contact details and opening hours