Information geometry in the analysis of phase transitions

Por Bruno Mera (IST).

Abstract: The Uhlmann connection is a mixed state generalization of the Berry connection. The latter has a very important role in the study of topological phases at zero temperature. Closely related, the quantum fidelity is an information theoretical quantity which is a measure of distinguishability of quantum states. Moreover, it has been extensively used in the analysis of quantum phase transitions.

Rigid local systems

An Informal Workshop on Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry (January 28th - February 1st 2019).

First talk is an introductory talk by N. Katz.

The program is decided every day. This is an interactive workshop.

Nicholas Katz, Princeton
Antonio Rojas, Sevilla
Francisco Calderon, Sevilla
Herwig Hauser, Viena
Luis Narvaez, Sevilla
Orlando Neto, Lisboa
Pedro C. Silva, Lisboa