Mirror symmetry for Nahm branes

Por Emílio Franco (Universidade do Porto).

Abstract: Using the Dirac–Higgs bundle, we consider a new class of space-filling (BBB)-branes on moduli spaces of Higgs bundles, given by a generalized Nahm transform of a stable Higgs bundle. We then use the Fourier–Mukai–Nahm transform to describe its dual brane, which is checked to be a (BAA)-brane supported on a complex Lagrangian multisection of the Hitchin fibration.

Topological Lattice Models in Geometry and Physics

Björn Gohla
GFM, Universidade de Lisboa

Abstract: Lattice models arise in physics as discrete approximations of quantum field theories (QFT). Topological quantum field theories (TQFT) on the other hand by definition are QFTs, that can be defined on smooth or topological space-times, as opposed to the usual pseudo-Riemannian space-times required by QFTs. Interesting TQFTs can be defined as lattice models, giving exactly solvable models in 2 dimensions for example.

Compactification of Character Varieties

Sean Lawton
George Mason University - U.S.A.

Abstract: In this talk we will first discuss a general procedure for compactifying G-character varieties of discrete groups, where G is a semisimple algebraic group of adjoint type over an algebraically closed field. We will then discuss various properties of this compactification in special cases of the discrete group. This work is in collaboration with Dan Ramras and Indranil Biswas.