Rigid local systems

An Informal Workshop on Differential Equations and Algebraic Geometry (January 28th - February 1st 2019).

First talk is an introductory talk by N. Katz.

The program is decided every day. This is an interactive workshop.

Nicholas Katz, Princeton
Antonio Rojas, Sevilla
Francisco Calderon, Sevilla
Herwig Hauser, Viena
Luis Narvaez, Sevilla
Orlando Neto, Lisboa
Pedro C. Silva, Lisboa

Quotients in Algebraic Geometry, Quiver Representations and Character Varieties

Por Carlos Florentino (Universidade de Lisboa, CMAFcIO).

Abstract: Generalizing the classical theory of algebraic invariants, David Mumford introduced Geometric Invariant Theory in order to endow natural quotients and moduli spaces with algebro-geometric structure. It turned out that quotients in algebraic geometry are intimately related to quotients in symplectic geometry, through the famous Kempf-Ness theorem.