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Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal. Boasting over 20 centuries of history, its traditional neighbourhoods with steep, narrow streets, with their characteristic cobblestone pavements, unique in Europe, and the tile panels on buildings, are all part of Lisbon’s incredibly acquired heritage over time. In the historical centre of the city you can still enjoy the richness of the music declared intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, the “fado”. 

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One of the main concerns of all incoming reserchers is where to stay when arriving in Lisbon for the first time.


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Getting to Ciências ULisboa is easy and quick - by bus, subway, car or even bicycle (cycle lanes).
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Bringing your own car (registration procedures) IMTT (portuguese only) and Europe. EU (available in EN)


Sports and Health

On campus, the University Stadium, a common space dedicated to sports and leisure, offers various forms of physical activities as part of an active and healthy lifestyle.



The city’s educational offer is diverse and plural, with different pedagogical models, different ways of teaching and learning, within a wealth of options that make it possible for each person to choose their best option.

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Emergency contacts at Ciências ULisboa

National Emergency number: 112




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