Standing wave and travelling wave solutions for a fourth order Schrödinger equation

Speaker: Jean-Baptiste Casteras (CMAFcIO, Universidade de Lisboa).

In this talk, we will be interested in standing wave solutions to a fourth order nonlinear Schrödinger equation having second and fourth order dispersion terms. This kind of equation naturally appears in nonlinear optics. In a first time, we will establish the existence of ground-state and renormalized solutions. We will then be interested in their qualitative properties, in particular their stability.

Bealer's Intensional Logic (Part II)

Speaker: Clarence Protin.

Abstract: Many intuitively valid arguments involving intensionality cannot be captured by first-order logic, even when extended by modal and epistemic operators.

Indeed, previous attempts at providing an adequate treatment of the phenomenon of intensionality in logic and language, such as those of Frege, Church, Russell, Carnap, Quine, Montague and others are fraught with numerous philosophical and technical difficulties and shortcomings.