PhD Support Programme

PhD Program – Final Countdown


Structure of the Programme

PhD students with 2 or more registrations.

Structure of Program
The program have 10 session, which occur weekly, which last two and a half hours.
Each group has 12 students.

Each session is like a workshop.

The program contents are sequencial. From the second session, the student create a personal road map with his goals. The following sessions are useful to this road map.

Programme contents
Session Contents
1 Why did I come? Share of expectations about the program;
2 Create a personal theory about the problem and define a road map;
3 Barrier 1: avoid the disconfort experience;
4 Barrier 2: Difficulties in decision making and commitment;
5 Barrier 3: Difficulties in time management;
6 Barrier 4: Anxiety and high levels of stress;
7 Barrier 5: The external evaluation and control problems;
8 Barrier 6: the relationship with supervisor and another support resources;
9 Priorities, decision making and accountability for resource mobilization;
10 Repair the presente needs on road map.

Scheduled actions

Edition - 2020

First day: 5th February.
Location: Faculty of Sciences, Room 8.2.03.
Schedule: Wednesday, 1 pm - 3.30 pm.
Trainer: Andreia Silva Santos (Psychology, GAPsi).
Registrations: Personally on GAPsi (room 4.1.25) or by e-mail
Limit to registration: 30th January.