Psychological and Educational Support Office

Psychological and Educational Support


GAPSi - the Psychological and Educational Support Office - was officially created in October 1997 by the Board. Its opening session was on 13 October 1997.

The main function of this office is to offer psychological and learning and/or therapeutical support to all those who feel the need for specialised support. Its overall goals are the promotion of psychological well-being and academic fulfillment. This office is also open to intervene in issues that fall outside the clinical sphere and, whenever possible, will try to meet such requests.

Our services operate according to the ethical and professional rules of psychology, namely in what regards confidentiality.

GAPsi is made up of a team of three psychologists and is open to students, and academic and non-academic staff. 

Building C4, Room 4.1.25
Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa
Tel. (+351) 217 500 435


The Team

Psychological and Educational Support Office

  • Cláudio Pina Fernandes


    Psychology Appointments

    Development of soft skills and students with Special Educational Needs

  • Andreia Santos

    Psychology Appointments

    Student welcome programmes

  • Inês Santos

    Psychology Appointments

    GAPsi webpage



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