Educational Psychology and Career Guidance

The main objective of this area of specialisation is to support students and the academic community in order to prevent and solve problems, as well as to maximize the psychological processes of all those involved in the educational environment. The areas of activity of the Educational Psychologist are primarily development, learning, vocational counselling, interpersonal relationship, emotional and behavioural adaptation and health in an educational environment.

  • Learning Area (e.g. learning problems and difficulties; academic failure; study methods; procrastination; study motivation; special educational needs, etc.);
  • Vocational Orientation (e.g. development of a life plan; decision-making; professional insertion; raise awareness on alternatives, etc.);
  • Emotional and Behavioural Adaptation (e.g. emotional and behavioural inadaptation, negative emotions and behaviour; emotional and behavioural instability; stress, etc.);
  • Interpersonal Adaptation (e.g. interpersonal relationships; discipline; aggressiveness and violence; interpersonal conflict, etc.);
  • Promoting Health and Well-being (e.g. promoting nutritional habits and physical exercise; preventing substance abuse and risky sexual behaviour, etc.).

Career Guidance

GAPsi provides support to students of any age and at any stage in life. This includes looking at options regarding education, training, professions, choosing an area of specialization or managing their career with the aim of personal satisfaction and development.