Geophysics and technology innovations for sustainable soil and water management

Saltfree is a project under the ARIMNet2 program, which focuses on geophysical methods for prevention of salinization in irrigated agricultural areas around the Mediterranean. In this workshop, we propose to discuss in a broader scope the use of innovative approaches and tools for tackling the important challenges of sustainable management of soil and water use. 

Dia Mundial do Solo 2018

"Até agora, os cientistas cidadãos das comunidades GROW implementaram/instalaram 2.000 sensores com o intuito de avaliar a humidade, temperatura e radiação solar do solo nos diferentes GROW Places. No próximo ano deverão ser implementados cerca de 10.000 sensores. Este é considerado o maior levantamento de dados de diversas propriedades do solo na Europa, realizado por cidadãos", escreve em artigo de opinião Gil Penha-Lopes, investigador do DBV Ciências ULisboa e cE3c.

Soil ecology and ecosystem services

Lack of fertile land to feed the exponentially growing population, insufficient water availability and quality, changes in the flow of nutrients through the bio-geo-cycles (especially N and P) and climate and land use changes are impacting ecosystems and their capacity to deliver goods and services for humans. It is striking that all these issues interact around one common resource - SOIL and its biodiversity.