Bayesian methods in the physical sciences (with applications to cosmology)

Andrew Liddle
University of Edinburgh, UK

Abstract: Bayesian data analysis provides a robust framework for interpreting data and testing physical models. I outline the main principles of such analyses. While the methodology is broadly applicable across all sciences, I demonstrate it with some explicit examples in contemporary cosmology.

Gravitational waves from the Big Bang

Mark Hindmarsh
University of Sussex, UK

Abstract: The recent detection of gravitational waves by LIGO confirms a 100-year-old prediction of the general theory of relativity.  I outline the significance of the discovery, and explain how the future space-based gravitational wave experiment LISA will probe the first few picoseconds of the Big Bang, when the Higgs field “turned on".

Paulo Silva

O que fazem e o que pensam alguns membros da comunidade de Ciências? O último Dictum et factum de 2016 é com Paulo Silva, técnico superior do Departamento de Física de Ciências.