Introduction to Random Matrix Theory

Miguel Tierz

We will give a simple introduction to random matrix theory. We will start by presenting some of the motivations for the study of random matrices, giving some historical perspective on the subject while also highlighting some of the more prevalent current applications. The definition of a random matrix ensemble will be given and its implications analyzed by showing how to work with the joint probability distribution function of the eigenvalues.

Reentrant Network Formation in Patchy Colloidal Mixtures under Gravity

Daniel de las Heras
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Patchy colloids are particles with a solid core and a discrete number of interaction sites. In this seminar I will present simulation and theoretical results of a model binary mixture of patchy colloids under gravity. By tuning the buoyant masses of the colloids we can control the sequence of fluid stacks formed in sedimentation-diffusion-equilibrium. We find complex stacking sequences with up to four layers and reentrant network formation.