FCUL Rally Pro

O FCUL Rally Pro é um concurso de programação dirigido aos alunos do secundário e visa promover a prática e o gosto pela programação. O concurso está organizado como um rally, no qual a resolução de um problema fornece pistas para o problema seguinte.

Biclustering in Biomedical Data Analysis: Algorithms and Applications

Biclustering, the discovery of sets of objects with coherent values/patterns on subsets of features, was shown to be key to unravel and characterize informative regions (biclusters) within matricial, time series and network data, in a wide-set of applications in biomedical and social data analysis. Particularly in biomedical problems, where groups of genes or patients tend to be only meaningfully related on a subset of the sampled/monitored conditions.

Accurate Profiling of Dynamically Compiled Code with Bytecode Instrumentation

Many profilers based on bytecode instrumentation yield wrong results in the presence of an optimizing dynamic compiler,  either due to not being aware of compiler optimizations or due to the inserted code disrupting some optimizations. To avoid such perturbations, we present a technique to make any profiler implemented at the bytecode level aware of optimizations performed by the dynamic compiler. We implement our approach in a state-of-the-art Java virtual machine and evaluate it with several profilers. Joint work with Yudi Zheng and Lubomir Bulej.