Synchronization in networks: concepts and models

Por Alexander Goltsev (Universidade de Aveiro).

Abstract: The main aim is to give examples of synchronization of nonlinear oscillators in real systems and to introduce the Kuramoto model as a simple model of synchronization of phase oscillators in complex networks. This model allows us to understand the emergence of synchronization and the role of network struture for this phenomenon.​

Spin-orbit coupling in the Solar System

Por Alexandre Correia (Universidade de Aveiro).

Abstract: Recent developments in the study of the Solar System dynamics have shown that it is not such a quiet place. Mutual interactions between all bodies may destabilise the orbits and the spins of all terrestrial planets and satellites. Chaotic motion is everywhere and our present quiet Earth will likely experience exotic changes in a billion years. In this talk we will review the major spin-orbit interactions taking action in our Solar System.