The Painlevé I equation and the A2 quiver

Speaker: Davide Masoero (Grupo de Física Matemática, FCUL).

Abstract: We study a second-order linear differential equation known as the deformed cubic oscillator, whose isomonodromic deformations are controlled by the first Painlevé equation. We use the generalised monodromy map for this equation to give solutions to the Bridgeland's Riemann-Hilbert problem arising from the Donaldson-Thomas theory of the A2quiver.

Bealer's Intensional Logic (Part I)

Speaker: Clarence Protin.

Abstract: Many intuitively valid arguments involving intensionality cannot be captured by first-order logic, even when extended by modal and epistemic operators.

Indeed, previous attempts at providing an adequate treatment of the phenomenon of intensionality in logic and language, such as those of Frege, Church, Russell, Carnap, Quine, Montague and others are fraught with numerous philosophical and technical difficulties and shortcomings.

How to find a Fractal function from real data?

Speaker: Cristina Serpa (CMAFcIO).

Fractals are beautiful mathematical objects and are everywhere. It is possible and widely known how such objects are constructed mathematically. A fascinating challenge is how can a fractal pattern be mathematically found from real data? Let us remember that a fractal is chaotic, a dynamic system very sensitive to initial conditions. In this seminar I will present a method that I developed to find fractal functions that approximate real data.

Encontros Abertos do CMAFcIO

Este encontro científico visa dar a conhecer o trabalho dos membros do Centro de Matemática, Aplicações Fundamentais e Investigação Operacional (CMAFcIO), bem como o de colegas de áreas afins pertencentes a outras Unidades de Investigação e promover, na medida do possível, a interação entre os seus participantes.

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