Stability conditions and the Painlevé equations

Por Tom Sutherland (Grupo de Física Matemática).

Abstract: I will give an explicit description of the space of stability conditions of a set of Calabi-Yau-3 triangulated categories labelled by the Painlevé equations. We will see how the Painlevé equations appear in a Riemann-Hilbert problem motivated by the enumerative geometry of Calabi-Yau-3 categories whose solution is related to the study of the monodromy of opers.

Axiomatization of the Laurent series field over the algebraic closure of the p-element field

Por Gonenc Onay.

Abstract: This is a longstanding problem. We will expose a complete axiom system, which is also model complete and satisfied by F_p^{alg}((t)). A proof will be sketched. This work is joint with Françoise Delon (Paris) and Arno Fehm (Dresden) and should be considered as in progress.