Fires and the Water Cycle: Impacts and Management

Fires can have severe impacts on water quality. Fires disturb vegetation cover, create an ash layer rich in potential contaminants, and increase contaminant mobilisation by enhancing runoff and erosion. This may lead to the contamination of surface and groundwater resources with suspended sediments, metals, organic compounds and nutrients. While many of the potential impacts are known, key knowledge gaps remain on their probability of occurrence, magnitude, and longevity. Overcoming these gaps is essential to support decision-makers in addressing these risks.

Emerging Pathways in Interdisciplinary Information Physics: Unveiling Hidden Dynamics and Predictability in Non-Ergodic Coevolutionary Complexity

Por Rui A. Pita Perdigão (Meteoceanics Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex System Science; CCIAM – cE3c; Institute of Telecommunications, Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group).

Our planet is a complex coevolutionary system involving a coherent diversity of processes and interactions across multiple spatio-temporal scales and domains. Albeit its dynamical complexity, core fundamental principles regulate individual and cooperative processes and interactions, ultimately relating to the overall system dynamics.

César Garcia

“Tive uma educação científica de excelência”, conta César Garcia, que concluiu os estudos em Ciências ULisboa, primeiro a licenciatura em Biologia Vegetal Aplicada, depois o doutoramento em Biologia, especialidade em Ecologia, com um trabalho sobre a Biodiversidade de Carvalhais da Rede Natura 2000.