Waste management

Ciências ULisboa produces annually about 300t of undifferentiated waste and 150t of recyclable waste (35t paper, 25t glass, 10t plastic and 80t organic) which are collected through the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa collection circuit. Around 18t of waste subject to special disposal conditions (paper subject to confidential disposal, waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, etc.) are also sent annually to the licensed operator. It has been possible to increase the tonnage of waste sent for recycling annually by placing outside ecopontos in strategic areas of the campus and also by placing small ecopontos inside buildings.

Location of all blue containers

Location of all yellow containers

The recovery of organic waste produced in bars on campus through composting began in 2016, with an annual production of around 11t of compost from 40m3 of waste in 2018 - more information available in How is Ciências improving the management of organic waste?