Scientific Board


The Scientific Board is the Faculty's scientific and cultural body.

It is made up of the Dean, who presides, and 24 teachers and researchers: 14 teachers or researchers holding a PhD degree who have contracts with the Faculty or University. At least four-fifths must have tenure; 10 representatives from research units that have contracts with the Faculty or University.

The Scientific Board's Presidential term is limited to 8 years of consecutive mandates. Scientific Board members have 3-year mandates.


Scientific Board

  • José Artur Martinho Simões
    Elected Members
  • Ana Ponces Freire
  • António Amorim
  • António Casimiro
  • César Andrade
  • Gracinda Gomes
  • José Barroso
  • Luís Correia
  • Luís Gouveia
  • Maria da Luz Mathias
  • Maria José Calhorda
  • Manuela Coelho
  • Teresa Alpuim
  • Teresa Monteiro Fernandes
  • Vanda Brotas
    R&D Units Representatives
  • Ana Simões
  • Carlos Castro
  • Henrique Cabral
  • José Afonso
  • Luís Carriço
  • Margarida Amaral
  • Margarida Santos Reis
  • Margarida Telo da Gama
  • Pedro Alberto de Miranda
  • Pedro Dinis de Almeida

Notices of Meetings / Minutes

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