School Board


The School Board is the Faculty's decision-making and supervisory body.

It is made up of 15 elected and co-opted members: 9 academic staff and researchers holding a PhD degree, 1 student, 2 non-academic staff and 3 renowned citizens not affiliated with the University of Lisbon.


Academic staff
Ana Isabel da Silva Araújo Simões​
António Joaquim Rosa Amorim Barbosa
António Manuel Horta Branco
António Manuel Nunes Mateus
Carlos Alberto Nieto de Castro
Carlos Miguel Ribeiro da Silva Farinha
José Élio da Silva Sucena
José Manuel Gonçalves Barroso
Maria Carlota da Rocha Xavier Rebelo Gonçalves

Nuno Miguel Cabecinhas Gonçalves

Non-academic staff
Ioana Sofia Moreira dos Santos
José Fernandes Videira Lousa


The School Board is incomplete until the inauguration of the 3 co-opted members (renowned citizens).


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