School Board


The School Board is the Faculty's decision-making and supervisory body.

It is made up of 15 elected and co-opted members: 9 academic staff and researchers holding a PhD degree, 1 student, 2 non-academic staff and 3 renowned citizens not affiliated with the University of Lisbon.


School Board

  • António Mateus
  • Maria da Luz Mathias
    Members - Academic staff and Researchers
  • Ana Simões
  • António Branco
  • Carlos Farinha
  • Carlos Florentino
  • Élio Sucena
  • Iveta Pimentel
  • Raul Jorge
    Members - Student
  • Mário Gil Oliveira
    Members - Non-academic staff
  • Ioana Santos


  • José Fernandes Lousa
    Members - Renowned citizens not affiliated with the University of Lisbon
  • Claudio Sunkel
  • José Rui Soares
  • Nicolau Santos