Education Board


The Education Board is the Faculty's teaching management body.

It is made up of 8 Faculty teachers and 8 Faculty students, coming from the pedagogical commissions of the existing study cycles and elected, respectively, by the faculty teachers and students that integrate them.

Teachers have 3-year mandates and students have 2-year mandates.


Education Board

  • Margarida Cruz

    Department of Physics

    Academic staff members
  • Ana Paula Carvalho

    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • António Casimiro

    Department of Informatics

  • Jorge Buescu

    Department of Mathematics

  • Maria Teresa Rebelo

    Department of Animal Biology

  • Marília Antunes

    Department of Statistics and Operational Research

  • Marta Panão

    Department of Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy

  • Nuno Matela

    Department of Physics

    Student members
  • Ana Monteiro

    2nd Cycle in Mathematics

  • Beatriz Castro

    2nd Cycle in Ecology and Environmental Management

  • Filipa Melo

    1st Cycle in Geology

  • Francisco Frazão

    2nd Cycle in Informatics

  • Francisco Monteiro

    2nd Cycle in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Business

  • Henrique Prates

    3rd Cycle in Physics

  • Sara Pires

    2nd Cycle in Geospatial Engineering

  • Tiago Gomes

    2nd Cycle in Chemistry