Education Board


The Education Board is the Faculty's teaching body.

It is made up of 6 Faculty teachers and 6 Faculty students. Under the terms of the Election Rules, the 6 Faculty teachers are elected by the academic staff and the 6 students are elected by the Faculty's student body.

The Education Board's Presidential term is limited to 8 years of consecutive mandates. Academic staff have 3-year mandates, and students have 2-year mandates.


Education Board

  • Helena Iglésias Pereira
    Academic staff members
  • Carla Kullberg


  • Deodália Dias
  • Luís Peralta
  • Margarida Meireles
  • Rui Gomes
    Student members
  • Bruno Coucello

    Board Member

  • Patrícia Ferreira
  • João Pontes
  • Flávia Fernandes
  • João Peixoto
  • Francisco Guerreiro


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