Faculty Dean


The Dean governs and represents the Faculty, and is elected by the School Board. The Dean has a 4-year mandate, and may not be elected for more than two consecutive terms (8 years total).

The Dean is aided by Vice-Deans (a maximum of 5), who are selected amongst academic staff and researchers with doctoral degrees. The Dean may freely appoint or discharge Subdirectors, and delegate powers to them.

The Dean is aided by the Administrator, whom the Dean may freely appoint or discharge, and delegate powers to.


Faculty Dean

    Faculty Dean
  • Luís Carriço
    Administrative Staff
  • Dirce Monteiro Assis

    Tel. 217 500 000

    Ext. 525426

Administrative Office opening hours: 9 am - 6 pm (working days)

E-mail: direccao@ciencias.ulisboa.pt