Isolated Curricular Units

Faculty students, studying in the Library

Applications for the realisation of Isolated Curricular Unit(s) - academic year 2024/2025


To apply, you must follow the instructions below (get an account to access Fénix):

Submitting your application in Fénix

To submit an application check your situation:

  1. FCUL student, with a valid account - you should enter your FCUL student account data and password at and then access the application form in the "Candidato" section.
  2. FCUL student, without a valid account (applicants who are not currently enrolled in the study cycles of the Faculty of Sciences) - they should go to to reactivate their account. Automatic account reactivation uses your mobile phone number and/or personal email address. If these contacts are not in our systems or are out of date, you will need to request activation directly at the IT Services desk (room 1.2.10). You can then access the application form in the "Candidato" section.
  3. External applicant, who is not a FCUL student - you must create an account directly at
    Afterwards, you will receive your credentials (format: User bennuXXX ) and will be able to access the application form in the "Candidato" section;
    If you do not receive the e-mail or you forget your password, you can request it to be resent at

Applications will be available in the following periods:

  • 1st semester: 02 September - 13 September 2024;
  • 2nd semester: 06 January - 17 January 2025.

More information available at the regulations for enrolment in Isolated Curricular Unit(s) (regulations currently being updated). 


Enrolment - academic year 2024/2025

  • 1st semester: 18 September - 30 September 2024;
  • 2nd semester: 03 February - 14 February 2025.