Non-Awarding Postgraduate Degrees

Course in Sciences for Teaching

The Course in Sciences for Teaching offers a wide range of subjects in different scientific areas, organised into pathways and profiles associated with the teaching areas.

This course aims to provide:

  • The complementary training that enables those who complete it, to enter the Masters in Biology and Geology TeachingPhysics and Chemistry TeachingInformaticsTeaching and Mathematics Teaching, under the terms of paragraph 3 of Article 18 of Decree-Law No. 79/2014 of 14 May;
  • Updated training in the area of teaching of basic education and secondary education.

2nd period of applications from 08 to 31 January 2024 - How can i apply?

Application Results

  • 1st period: results from 07 August 2023
  • 2nd period: results from 08 February 2024

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  • 1st period: admitted candidates must present their degree completion certificate(s) and curricular units (if applicable) from 30 August 2023 until the date of enrolment/registration.
  • 2nd period: admitted candidates must present their degree completion certificate(s) and course units (if applicable) at the time of enrolment/registration.


Places - Course in Sciences for Teaching
Paths Places - 2nd period
Biology/Geology - Biology Profile 8
Biology/Geology - Geology Profile 6
Physics/Chemistry - Physics Profile 3
Physics/Chemistry - Chemistry Profile 7
Informatics 10
Mathematics 7

Payment of deposit (only for candidates admitted)

As stated in the Despacho D/17/2023, accepted candidates will be subject to paying a deposit of €65.00 under penalty of losing their place on the course to which they have been accepted.

Payment Instructions:

  • Access to application in Fenix (
  • In the application, choose “Create Deposit Payment "
  • Consult the payment reference in the “Deposit Payment Details”
  • Complete payment.

Candidates who do not live in Portugal:

  • Payment must be completed through bank transfer:

    • N.º IBAN: PT50003508240001225203011

Immediately after the payment has been processed, the corresponding proof of payment must be upload in the application related tab and submit (only for bank transfer payments).

Once this payment has been made, the enrolment fee and the registration fee will be considered settled when enroling in the course.

In the eventuality that the course you have applied for is cancelled, the deposit will be reimbursed in full.

Deadlines for the payment of the deposit:

  • Candidates admitted: 2 working days after the publication of the course results to make the respective payment.



Postgraduate Studies in Scientific Research Methods and Techniques 

The aim of the Postgraduate Studies in Scientific Research Methods and Techniques is to attract future PhD students by allowing them to be included in the research environment of a R&D unit of Ciências ULisboa, integrating teams that develop top-level scientific research work supervised by a Faculty professor or PhD researcher.

The basic training can always be complemented with an optional component to be defined by the course's Scientific Committee, appointed by the Faculty Dean, and included in the course's study plan.

The course has a number of ECTS multiple of 15, according to the student's choice, not exceeding 60 ECTS. Successful attendance is confirmed by a Certificate, issued within a maximum period of 90 working days after being requested.

Applications are continuously open.

The application process requires:

  • certificate attesting to a bachelor's or master's degree;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • identification document;
  • letter of recommendation;
  • indication of a contact researcher (either a professor at FCUL or a researcher at one of its R&D Units);
  • not have previously attended the same course for a period of one year, and be accepted by the course's Scientific Committee.

Selection Criteria