Multi-messenger Astrophysics for observing the high-energy universe

Por Teresa Montaruli (Univ. Geneve / Chair of APPEC).

I will describe how photons can be complemented for the observation of the non-thermal universe by neutrinos and gravitational way.

IceCube, with its cubic-kilometric volume deep in the ice of the South Pole, is now monitoring the sky looking for neutrino flares of compact objects like pulsars and black holes.

I will present its recent results on cosmic exploration and on fundamental physics such as neutrino oscillations.

First results of the SNO+ experiment

Por Valentina Lozza (LIP & FCUL).

SNO+ is a large multi-purpose liquid scintillator based experiment, with the main physics goal of searching for the neutrinoless double-beta decay of 130Te.

The first of the three SNO+ phases has started in May 2017, with the detector filled with ultra-pure water. The deep underground location (6000 m.w.e.) and the low background levels, allowed new physics searches and the 8B solar neutrino flux measurement in the 5-10 MeV energy range.