The impact of mountain waves in the atmosphere at local to global scale

Miguel Teixeira
University of Reading

Despite their relatively small scales, mountain waves have important impacts on atmospheric dynamics and physics. These impacts can be local, such as the generation of clear-air turbulence (CAT) by wave breaking, downslope windstorms and the formation of rotors in the lee of mountains or hills; or global, such as the deceleration of the mid-latitude circulation, the modulation of temperatures in polar regions, or ozone transport and depletion. 

Towards an understanding of the links across scales in wind and atmospheric water variables

Miguel Nogueira

The equivalency between the power law behavior of Multiscale entropy (MSE) and of power spectra is demonstrated, opening a promising path for interpretation of complex time-series. This relationship is applied and discussed for near surface wind time-series, providing insights to its statistical scaling behavior and the scaling regime transitions. The atmospheric water dynamics over the planet wettest regions are also discussed across temporal scales.