Science and the Media - bringing together scientists, journalists and society

This course aims at exploring how scientists can use social media as tools to enhance the communication of their research and the dialogue with society, and discussing the differences that exist in the work of scientists and journalists in terms of the methods and deadlines they meet and exploring how scientists and journalists can better articulate.

Hands on Functional Diversity: from Ecological Indicators to Ecosystem Services

Objectives: Under the general framework of Global Change Ecology, the goal of this course is to provide the participants with the most recent and practical knowledge on the use of Functional Diversity. This includes the selection of functional traits and calculation of Functional Diversity Indexes. Examples of the application of this knowledge will be given regarding Ecological Indicators and Ecosystem Services.

The specific objectives are:

Reproducibility in Science

Objectives: Provide students with basic workflows, platforms and tools to increase reproducibility at all scientific levels.

Topics: Why reproducibility in science is important; Working with Github; Data processing workflows to maximize reproducibility; Notebooks (R and Jupyter); Manuscript and data repositories.

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