Novidades bibliográficas

Novidades bibliográficas

Capa "Handbook of Constructive Mathematics"

Capa "A Comparison Process for Mouse Pairs"

Capa "Model Theory for Operator Algebras"

Capa "Logical Methods"

Capa "Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics"

Capa "Modern Applied Regressions"

Capa "Amenability of Discrete Groups by Examples"

Capa "Algebraic Geometry"

Capa "Précis de philosophie de la logique et des mathématiques"

Capa "The Scientific Revolution in Global Perspective"

Capa "History Through Material Culture"

Capa "A Bem da Nação"

Capa "Fotografia Impressa e Propaganda em Portugal no Estado Novo"

Capa "Heritage, Memory and Identity in Postcolonial Board Games"

Capa "Gaming Empire in Children's British Board Games, 1836-1860"

Capa "Exercícios de Química Orgânica"

Capa "Pedra Natural do Arquipélago da Madeira"

Capa "Fundamentos de Imunologia"

Capa "Nuclear Physics in a Nutshell"

Capa "Close Encounters of Empire"

Capa "Jet Age Aesthetic"

Capa "Image Science"

Capa "Adverstising the American Dream"

Capa "History of Board Games"

Capa "Science and Apocalypse in Bertrand Russell"

Capa "Sugar and Civilization"

Capa "The Scientist's Guide to Writing"

Capa "Genotoxicity Assessment"

Capa "Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy"

Capa "A Shadow History of Demons in Science"

Capa "Physicst and Philosopher"

Capa "Lab Coats in Hollywood"

Capa "Gender & Technology"

Capa "Reality +"

Capa "On the Emergency of an Ecological Class"

Capa "We have never been Modern"

Capa "To Cast Out Disease"

Capa "The Design Thinking Toolbox"

Capa "Houston, we have a Narrative"

Capa "Fascist Spectacle"

Capa "Artificial You"

Capa "Health Education Films in the Twentieth Century"

Capa "Minds and Computers"

Capa "Heidegger´s Confrontation with Modernity"

Capa "Objectivity"

Capa "Suspensions of Perception"

Capa "Land of Desire"

Capa "A Filosofia das Ciências do Século XX"

Capa "Why does Math Work if it's not Real?"

Capa "Wittgenstein's Phylosophy of Mathematics"

Capa "Ontology and Foundation of Mathematics"

Capa "Plato was not a Mathematical Platonist"

Capa "Semantics and the Ontology of Number"

Capa "Modeling Reality with Mathematics"

Capa "Geometric Problems on Maxima and Minima"

Capa "Numbers and Figures"

Capa "Kurt Gödel Philosophische Notizbücher"

Capa "Putnam and Beyond"

Capa "The Story of Proof"

Capa "Analysis I"

Capa "Analysis II" Capa "Extremal Combinatorics" Capa "Boolean Function Complexity" Capa "3000 Years of Analysis"

Capa "Mathematical Analysis"

Capa "Number Theory through the Eyes of Sophie Germain"

Capa "The Six Pillars of Calculus"

Capa "The Mathematical Neighborhoods of School Mathematics"

Capa "An Introduction to the Circle Method"

Capa "Differentiable Manifolds Second Edition"

Capa "Topology of Numbers"

Capa "Analytic Number Theory for Beginners"

Capa "Communication Complexity and Applications"

Capa "Communication Complexity"

Capa "106 Geometry Problems"

Capa "117 Polynomial Problems"

Capa "102 Combinatorial Problems"

Capa "Abhandlungen I"

Capa "Abhandlungen II"

Capa "CFS I"

Capa "CFS II"

Capa "CFS III"

Capa "The Northern Bay of Safaga (Red Sea, Egypt)"

Capa "Abhandlungen III"

Capa "A Mina em que Vivemos"

Capa "Petróleo & Gás Desafios Geopolíticos 2000-2020"

Capa "Argilas Fibrosas"

Capa "Minerais Estratégicos"

Capa "Algoritms for a New Wotld"

Capa "Mathematical Logic - An Introduction"

Capa "Semigroups in Compete Lattices"

Capa "Energetic Relaxation to Structured Deformations"

Capa "An Epsilon of Room I"

Capa "An Epsilon of Room II"

Capa "Partial Differential Equations"

Capa "Partial Differential Equations in Action"

Capa "Numbers and the World"

Capa "A Discrete Transition to Advanced Mathematics"

Capa do livro "Combinatorics"

Capa "Proofs that Really Count"

Capa "Counting: the Art of Enumerative Combinatorics"

Capa "How to Count"

Capa "Ramanujan's Notebooks Part I"

Capa "Math Wonders"

Capa "Livro Vermelho dos Peixes Dulciaquícolas e Diádromos"