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BioDiversity4All: 10 years recording Portuguese biodiversity

Sala 2.2.14, FCUL, Lisboa

By PatríciaTiago & InêsTeixeira do Rosário (CSES - cE3c; BioDiversity4All).

Launched in 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, BioDiversity4All platform assumes that society has a higher concern for biodiversity conservation when it is directly engaged with science and is emotionally involved with its surrounding. The online platform was first connected to the international project based in the Netherlands “Waarneming international”. Later a connection to the “iNaturalist” network was established, allowing the project to reach a wider range of target audience due to a more modern and user-friendly approach.

The project results, today, in more than 276,000 records of plants, animals or fungi from 10,400 species, which can be considered a great success, due to the cultural constraints of the country, which has no strong tradition in naturalists and in registration and observation of biodiversity. There are over 5,500 registered users, 3,900 identifiers and 7,900 Facebook followers. Through this project, some users have already identified new species to Portugal and species in places where their presence was unknown.

The BioDiversity4All platform is currently “home” of around 80 projects in Portugal, some of them, international. Many researchers, naturalists, NGOs, municipalities, schools have seen in this platform the possibility of reaching a wider group of citizens who, through BioDiversity4All, contribute to the increase of scientific knowledge. The link to iNaturalist.org allows these projects to have a global dimension. With this talk we would like to demonstrate to cE3c researchers the potential of this platform to be used in their projects, including therefore, a component of citizen science. BioDiversity4All is a founding member of the European Citizen Science Association, being part of the working group on “Policies, Strategy, Governance and Partnerships, “BioBlitzes” and “Citizen Science Networks”.

cE3c - Centro de Ecologia, Evolução e Alterações Ambientais
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Um congresso científico com o objetivo de mostrar o trabalho realizado por investigadores portugueses nas áreas da Neurociência, Ciência Forense, Genética Molecular, Virologia e Bioengenharia.

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Um inovador evento de recrutamento e networking!

Mapa de Portugal e informações sobre os Censos 2021

Os Censos 2021 estão aí! Esteja atento à sua caixa de correio.

Mathematical Logic Webinar, por Benedict Eastaugh (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy-LMU).

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Sessão comemorativa do 110.º aniversário de Ciências ULisboa.

PhD in Informatics Seminar, por Fernando Alves.

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A Jobshop Ciências está de volta!

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At AppEEL, we aim to advance the study of evolution from an inter- and transdisciplinary approach and to identify how biological evolutionary theories can be applied to the epistemological, sociocultural and linguistic domains.

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Formação de Comunicação em Ciência(s), por Rita Ferreira (InnovPlantProtect, Gestora de Comunicação / NOVA FCSH-ITQB NOVA, Mestranda / Rede SciComPt, sócia).

Ponte Vasco da Gama, Lisboa

A conference directed for Postdocs, PhD and Master students of Lisbon Universities. PhD and Master students will present short communications about their current research work.

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The workshop aims to promote the discussion about the state of the art of women’s role in distinct realities and environments, how their visibility is increasing, as well as the main obstacles for the assumption of high-level responsibilities in modern and in traditional organizations and contexts.

This course aims to provide students with basic knowledge of R programming, allowing them to manipulate and visualize data with R

This course aims to provide students with statistical knowledge and tools to manipulate, analyze and visualize biological data with R. Introduction to modeling, simulations and Bayesian statistics.

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"Património e divulgação em Paleontologia" é o tema escolhido para esta edição do EJIP.

A mostly practical course, offering an overview on different community ecology and macroecological methods and software.

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THE meeting place for Mobility Management practitioners and experts all over Europe.

An overview of the different ways to measure biodiversity, and provides tips for the stratification of primary biodiversity data and the construction of variables that describe its various facets.

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An overview of recent developments and applications of the algebraic and analytic theory of D-modules.

This course aims at enabling the participants to use different methods to measure the impacts of pollutants on ecosystems.

How to predict the three-dimensional structure of nucleic acid and proteins from their sequence and use the acquired knowledge to improve or create new methodologies in molecular biology research and diagnostics?

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Welcome to an unique silicon for photovoltaics event in Lisbon!

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Summer School no âmbito da Rede UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering), de que faz parte a ULisboa, com inscrições a decorrer até 15 de maio de 2021.