To participate in an ERASMUS mobility at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, students should first contact the international office of their own institution.


Students can spend a period of study of between 3 and 12 months at Faculdade de Ciências as long as there is an ERASMUS agreement between institutions.

How to apply to an ERASMUS period of studies?

Once you have been selected and nominated by your home University to be an ERASMUS student at Ciências you should start preparing your application. You should do the following:

  1. Read carefully the Information and Application Guidelines;
  2. Submit the requested online application form, after reading the instructions sent to you (compulsory). You will only be able to submit the Application once you have been officially nominated by your Institution.



eIDAS Application Submission


Universidade de Lisboa is a partner institution in the eID4U European project and, therefore, Faculdade de Ciências academic system allows authentication via the eIDAS platform. Students belonging to the current partner institutions of the project will receive an alternative application link for eIDAS authentication, where each student will be able to authenticate with their national electronic identities and chose what personal/academic information they wish to send automatically to create the application. You can read below a bit more about eIDAS and find out where it’s currently available.

What is eIDAS?

EIDAS is the European Regulation for the electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, established in EU Regulation 910/2014. With eIDAS you can authenticate in your national authentication environment and provide personal and academic information to create an application.

In what countries eIDAS Platform can be used?

You can use eIDAS platform in the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Italy and Austria.


Nomination deadlines 2022/23
1st Semester / Full Academic Year 31st May 2022
2nd Semester 30th September 2022
Application deadlines 2022/23
1st Semester / Full Academic Year 30th June 2022
2nd Semester 31st October 2022


We will do our best to process your application as fast as possible. However, don't forget that your study plan has to be analyzed by the Erasmus Departmental Coordinators and that you might have to make changes to your original plan. You will be informed in case you need to replace your chosen courses.

According to your field of study you can contact the Erasmus Departmental Coordinators directly in case you have questions regarding the courses you wish to attend at Faculdade de Ciências.

As soon as your Learning Agreement for Studies is approved and signed we will send you a copy. Also, if you get a place at the Student Residences of ULisboa - in case you have applied - you will be informed as well. 


ERASMUS+ Coordinators

ERASMUS+ Coordinators
Animal Biology Prof. Eugénia Ribeiro C2 Building, 1st Floor, Room 2.1.42
Plant Biology Prof. Cristina Cruz C2 Building, 5th Floor, Room 2.5.03
Chemistry and Biochemistry Prof. Ana Paula Paiva C8 Building, 5th Floor, Room 8.5.33
Chemistry and Biochemistry Prof. Maria Luísa Serralheiro (Biochemistry) C8 Building, 4th Floor, Room 8.4.64
Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy Prof. Fátima Sousa Oceanography Institute, Room OI.2.13
Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy Prof. Killian Lobato (Energy and Environmental Engineering) C8 Building, 3rd Floor, Room 8.3.29
Geology Prof. Nuno Pimentel C6 Building, 4th Floor, Room 6.4.57
History and Philosophy of Sciences Prof. Henrique Leitão C4 Building, 3rd Floor, Room 4.3.13
Informatics Prof. Paulo Urbano C6 Building, 3rd Floor, Room 6.3.38a
Mathematics Prof. Catarina Santa Clara C6 Building, 2nd Floor, Room 6.2.22
Physics Prof. Guiomar Evans (Engineering Physics) C8 Building, 4th Floor, Room 8.4.28
Physics Prof. José Manuel Pires Marques (Physics) C8 Building, 5th Floor, Room 8.5.27
Physics Prof. Alexandre Andrade (Biomedical Engineering Biophysics) IBEB, Room 0.13
Statistics and Operations Research Prof. Ana Paias C6 Building, 4th Floor, Room 6.4.15

Bilateral Agreements

To consult the existing bilateral agreements established with Faculdade de Ciências please access here.


Before your arrival

During your stay

  • Changes to the Learning Agreement for Studies
  • Changes to the Learning Agreement for Traineeships

After your mobility

  • Attendance Certificate (Studies)
  • Attendance Certificate (Placement)