PhD Support Programme

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The Faculty of Sciences (CIÊNCIAS) has around 500 doctoral students who carry out their research activities within the scope of the R&D Centers (CI&D) under the responsibility of a supervisor.

Doctoral Program coordinators are responsible for monitoring the progress of their respective doctoral students, approving the Advanced Training Course (CFA) and participating in the juries of the annual research seminars.

CIÊNCIAS increasingly feels the need to support this student population in a more integrated way during their time at the School. The European Union recommends, in fact, that teaching and research institutions assume this responsibility with high priority.

In this context, CIÊNCIAS implemented the PhD Support Programm. which, with a frequency intended to be annual, includes training offers of a non-scientific nature depending on student demand.

The PhD Support Program consists of six components:

  1. Welcome Session
  2. Career Strategy Program
  3. PhD Countdown Program
  4. ScienceIN2Business
  5. Personalized Support
  6. Soft Skills Program

All components of the PhD Support Program are optional. This program does not replace the Doctoral Programs in operation and only makes available to doctoral students components that already exist (with the exception of 1 and 2) based on their needs and interests. Components 3 and 5 are now available to CIÊNCIAS PhD students. Component 4 is available to all CIÊNCIAS students regardless of the study cycle. Some component 6 modules are included in some Doctoral Programs, but other modules may be created specifically within the scope of the PhD Support Program.

The PhD Support Program is essentially an annual plan of activities, which complements the reception and scientific support of students in the respective R&D Centers and/or Departments, aiming to respond to the needs felt by some.


Research Support Office

Fernando Lopes:

217500720  and ext. 25354