Soft Skills Programme

Soft Skills Programme: Set of independent modules, including topics such as Ethics in Science, Bioethics, Scientific writing, Science Communication. Some modules may have variants depending on the scientific area or may have relevance only to some scientific areas. Each module is organised as workshops. The participants will choose the modules they deem most relevant. Modules are most useful at the beginning of the PhD.

Science and the media - Bringing together scientists, journalists and society

Overview:  Science is increasingly more present in our everyday decisions, with a fundamental role in global problems. Scientists, as the main actors in the production of scientific knowledge, have the responsibility of having an active voice in communicating this knowledge – and that can be achieved for example by a conscious use of the communication tools at their disposal and a better articulation with journalists, among other means.

Objectives: This course aims at: 1) exploring how scientists can use social media as tools to enhance the communication of their research and the dialogue with society, and 2) discussing the differences that exist in the work of scientists and journalists in terms of the methods and deadlines they meet and exploring how scientists and journalists can better articulate to reach a common goal – contribute to a more informed society.

Organization: CE3C - Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes.

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Scientific Writing and Communication

The objective of this course is to introduce participants to the details of communication and writing scientific publications. The main emphasis is on the most common form, the “primary scientific paper”, but other forms will be covered. Matters related to oral presentations, poster preparation and proposal writing will also be discussed. Thus participants will become familiar with the forms of presenting new findings to various scientific forums.

Please note that the main focus of this course is on how to structure a scientific text, i.e. the rules and requirements, building up the actual text, presenting findings, etc., and not very much on the actual language, i.e. grammar, vocabulary, language structure, etc. The latter will only be touched briefly upon.

Organization: CE3C - Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes.

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Soft Skills Programme: Estrutura de módulos independentes, incluindo temas como Ethics in Science, Bioethics, Scientific writing, Science communication. Alguns módulos podem ter variantes em função da área científica ou apenas ter relevância para algumas. Cada módulo é organizado sob a forma de workshops. Os participantes escolherão, em cada ano, os módulos que considerarem mais relevantes, sendo recomendável a sua frequência nos primeiros anos do doutoramento. Os módulos podem ser organizados em colaboração com Unidades de I&D ou no âmbito de Programas Doutorais de CIÊNCIAS.