Career Strategy Programme

Career Strategy Programme: Includes two core modules: Self-Assessment (Personality, Activity preferences, Values and Skills inventories, Strengths, Peer Assessment), and Job Search Tools (CV, resume networking). It lasts 10 weeks, with a weekly module of 2 hours, of which only 5 will be face-to-face, and the remainder will be carried out in groups of 3 participants in face-to-face or online interaction. It can cover 15-21 participants. It includes two networking events with guests from various scientific areas. Participants may be in any doctoral year. The perception of the usefulness of the Career Strategy Program may, naturally, increases with the development of the student.


1st module - Introductory meeting - 9th November | 12h00 |  Auditorium FCiências.IDEdificio C1. Piso 3