Safety, Health and Sustainability

Safety Policy at FCUL

The role and relevance of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon is based on the pursuit of its strategic goals and mission for which the well-being of its staff, collaborators, students and visitors is imperative. It also aims to promote better working conditions through safety at work, especially in the science labs.

Occupational Risk Prevention System in Science Labs at FCUL

Phase 1 - Identifying Hazards: Identifying hazards associated to all of the laboratory activities at FCUL, in the conception or construction of installations and work processes as well as equipment, substances and product selection with the aim of eliminating or, when impossible, reducing these.

Phase 2 - Risk Assessment: Systematic analysis of the aspects related to occupational risk. Definition of action priorities based on the probability of the identified hazards being able to cause damage, the severity of the probable damage and the frequency of exposure for staff, collaborators or students at FCUL to each of the identified hazards.

Phase 3 - Deciding on and Adopting Preventive Measures: Combating the original risks in order to eliminate or reduce exposure and increase protection levels. Guarantee within FCUL’s laboratory spaces that the exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents does not constitute risk to the safety and health of workers, collaborators and students. Substitute dangers for that which is non-dangerous or less dangerous. Prioritisation of collective protective measures in relation to individual protective measures. Elaboration and dissemination of clear and adequate instructions for the activities developed by workers, collaborators and students at FCUL. Hold general and specific awareness campaigns regarding safety at work.

Phase 4 - Monitoring and Revision: Guarantee the efficacy of prevention measures and control occupational risks. Generate information that substantiates the processes of risk assessment and revision. Hold general and specific awareness campaigns regarding safety at work.

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