Safety Procedures

General Safety Instructions

Emergency contacts: Ext. 20000   -   Tel. + 351 217 500 600 

Use only for emergencies.  Keep these contacts in your mobile phone.


WARNING: Use these contacts only for emergencies. For all other matters, use ext. 25205.

Ext. 25205 and Mobile +351968693307 remain as C5 Surveillance Center contacts but are not associated exclusively to emergencies


Instruções gerais de segurança


General Laboratory Safety Rules

Order D/16/2022 (11/03/2022)


  • in advance, know all the risks and prevention measures related to the activities/work, equipment, chemical, physical and biological agents you will work with;
  • consult the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of all the reagents you will work with;
  • do not smoke, eat, drink or store food in the laboratory;
  • wear appropriate clothing, footwear and Individual Protection Equipment (IPE). If you have long hair, please tie it up;
  • while wearing contaminated gloves, do not use mobile phones or touch lift buttons and door handles;
  • unambiguously identify all containers containing materials and products. Minimize the amount of reagents stored in the laboratory;
  • follow the institutional policies regarding the disposal of hazardous waste. Never dispose hazardous waste in the dustbin or sink;
  • keep the workbench clean and tidy;
  • know the location and usage of the emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, eyewashstations, safety showers, first aid boxes, fire blanket, etc.);
  • keep the access to evacuation routes, emergency exits and emergency equipment clear;
  • in order to clearly hear alarms and safety instructions do not use headphones or sound emitting devices in the laboratory;
  • do not wear lab coats outside of the laboratory, namely bars and libraries;
  • wash your hands before leaving the laboratory;
  • in case of emergency: Stay calm, call ext. 20000 or +351 217 500 600, identify the type and location of the occurrence (building, floor and room). Put yourself in safety until the arrival of the emergency team providing all the information about the occurrence.



Be aware with dangers associated to the chemicals you work with. Use them safely. Allways read the safety data sheet.

Safety information about some chemicals avalable here.