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Course Coordinations

Course Coordinations - DM
Degree Course Coordinators
1st Cycle Mathematics Carlota Rebelo (coordination)
Catarina Santa Clara
Scientific Committee:
Carlota Rebelo
Catarina Santa Clara
Maria João Gouveia
Applied Mathematics João Telhada (coordination, DEIO)
Ana Cristina Barroso
Scientific Committee:
Ana Cristina Barroso
Alessandro Margheri
Luís Sequeira
João Telhada (DEIO)
Teresa Pereira (DEIO)
2nd Cycle Mathematics Jorge Buescu (coordination)
Maria Manuel Torres
Scientific Committee:
Jorge Buescu
Maria Manuel Torres
Carlos Florentino
Mathematics Applied to Economics and Business Nicolas Van Goethem (member of the Coordination Committee and the  Scientific Committee)
Financial Mathematics João Pedro Boto (member of the Scientific Committee)
Carlos Albuquerque (member of the Scientific Committee)
Mathematics Teaching Carlos Albuquerque (member of the Scientific Committee)
3rd Cycle Mathematics Teresa Faria (coordination)
Pedro Duarte
Scientific Committee:
Teresa Faria
Pedro Duarte
Jorge Buescu
Minor Mathematics Ana Rute Domingos (coordination)

Pedagogic Committees 2023/24

1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycle

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Other Bodies

Other Bodies - DM
Body Members
Admissions Committee for Students over 23 Helena Sezinando
Committee to support Students with Special Educational Needs Cristian Barbarosie
Coordinator of the Mathematics Texts collection Fernando Ferreira
Department's Colloquium Nicolas van Goethem
Maria Manuel Torres
Dissemination and Image Committee Ana Rute Domingos
Maria Manuel Torres
Luís Sequeira
Distribution of Teaching Service Helena Sezinando
Employability support Isabel Ferreirim
ERASMUS Coordinator Catarina Santa-Clara
GI^2 Laboratory Suzana Nápoles
Library Management Fernando Ferreira
Matters related to the Informatics Unit Luís Sequeira
Member of the "Voluntariado Curricular" Course Committee Isabel Ferreirim
Member of the Commission on Accreditation Isabel Ferreirim
Members of the Education Board Jorge Buescu
Ana Passos (student)
Research communication Carlos Florentino
Support for hiring visiting teaching staff Ana Cristina Barroso
Teaching support for assistant professors and monitors Ana Cristina Barroso
Training courses for teachers Ana Rute Domingos
Travelling Exhibitions Suzana Nápoles