We are hiring

The Department of Mathematics offers ample opportunities, since it is in an ongoing process of renewal.

The Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa is presently hiring professors of mathematics at the assistent level, a policy to follow in the coming years.


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Our Department has a long tradition and prestige, as the oldest Department of Mathematics in the Lisbon Region, inserted in the reputable Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

It has four main tasks:

  1. To teach mathematical courses needed for the Faculty of Sciences and University of Lisbon. In what concerns Mathematics, the Department offers degrees in pure and applied mathematics, from Bachelor to PhD Programs.
  2. To train mathematicians for the contemporary world and for a diversity of employments. The rigorous reasoning, scientific knowledge, creativity, ability to structure problems from real life are skills well-appreciated by a variety of employers.
  3. To do research in mathematics and train future researchers. The research in the Department covers a large range of scientific areas, from logic to computational complexity, matrix theory to combinatorics, ordinary and partial differential equations, algebraic and differential geometry, among others, with significant applications to real world problems.
  4. To participate in the education of middle and high school teachers. The department maintains the long tradition of contributing to the training of school teachers. It also has a wide range of outreach activities, in particular dedicated to school students and teachers.

Through the individual contributions of its academic staff, the department has also a long history of intellectual involvement in public life. From pure mathematics to applications, and the recognition of the importance of informatics in today’s world, the Department of Mathematics is resolutely open to the future as a vibrant, international, and strong scientific department.

Teresa Faria
Head of Department