Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics (DM) gathers, at the Faculty of Sciences, competences in basic and advanced disciplines such as Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Logics and Fundamentals of Mathematics, Geometry and Mathematical Physics, either for the training of new generations of scientists, teachers and other professionals, or for the creation of new knowledge through the scientific research of its professors and researchers.

Mathematical Sciences has had extraordinary progress in the last few decades, from the solution of Fermat's Last Theorum, with its unexpected mathematical relationship to cryptography, to the confirmation of the Poincaré Conjecutre, that consolidates the intriguing relationship between Mathematics with Space-Time, some of which were illustrated at the Forms and Formulas exhibit. The intellectual challenges and opportunities for mathematicians in the 21st century do not stop growing and the role of Mathematical Sciences in the evolution of human society is now larger and deeper. 

DM operates at the University City next to the Promenade that has the name of mathematician Pedro Nunes (1502-1578), the discoverer of the spherical spiral resulting from rhumb lines, and is the heir of a rich mathematical tradition in Lisbon. It also had in their former professor José Sebastião e Silva (1914-1972) the most original and influential Portuguese mathematician of the 20th century.

By maintaining a collaboration and exchange of students from European Universities, DM participates in the university training of its students through two Undergraduate programmes in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (1st Cycle) in collaboration with four Master’s programmes (2nd Cycle), two of which are in collaboration with other university departments, particularly the Department of Statistics and Operational Research and the excellent PhD programme in Mathematics (3rd Cycle). The highly qualified professors and researchers at DM develop scientific research at an international level in Research Units from ULisbon, whose area of Mathematics is, as a whole, one of the highest ranking in the world.

José Francisco Rodrigues
Head of Department