Emerging Pathways in Interdisciplinary Information Physics: Unveiling Hidden Dynamics and Predictability in Non-Ergodic Coevolutionary Complexity

Por Rui A. Pita Perdigão (Meteoceanics Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex System Science; CCIAM – cE3c; Institute of Telecommunications, Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group).

Our planet is a complex coevolutionary system involving a coherent diversity of processes and interactions across multiple spatio-temporal scales and domains. Albeit its dynamical complexity, core fundamental principles regulate individual and cooperative processes and interactions, ultimately relating to the overall system dynamics.

Deformation theory of symplectic and orthogonal sheaves

Por Emílio Franco (IST).

Abstract: While it is well known that the moduli space of G-bundles over a smooth projective curve is compact, it is not the case for an arbitrary base variety. This motivated the definition of G-sheaves by Gomez and Sols who proved that their moduli space is a compactification of the moduli space of G-bundles. In this talk I will study the deformation and obstruction theory of these objects when G is either the symplectic or the orthogonal group.