Hands on Functional Diversity: from Ecological Indicators to Ecosystem Services

Under the general framework of Global Change Ecology, the goal of this course is to provide the participants with the most recent and practical knowledge on the use of Functional Diversity. This includes the selection of functional traits and calculation of Functional Diversity Indexes. Examples of the application of this knowledge will be given regarding Ecological Indicators and Ecosystem Services.

The specific objectives are:

Soil ecology and ecosystem services

Lack of fertile land to feed the exponentially growing population, insufficient water availability and quality, changes in the flow of nutrients through the bio-geo-cycles (especially N and P) and climate and land use changes are impacting ecosystems and their capacity to deliver goods and services for humans. It is striking that all these issues interact around one common resource - SOIL and its biodiversity.

R without fear: an R course in Evolutionary Ecology

This course aims to give basic skills in R, but with some applications in the field of Evolutionary Ecology.

This course can have a recognition of 6 ECTs for FCUL PhD students enrolling in it, as part of their first doctoral year. For FCUL PhD students only requiring 5 ECTs recognized in their specific PhD programmes, the last 6 hours of the course are not mandatory and the certificate will be on 'Topics in R without fear’.