Semana da Ciência e da Tecnologia

Nano in Health Sciences

Sala 1.4.14, FCUL, Lisboa

Speaker: Catarina Pinto Reis (Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa).

Abstract: Delivery systems is a broad field of research on the development of novel carrier systems for effective delivery of drugs for therapy or diagnostic but also delivery of active ingredients for cosmetic or food supplements. Delivery technology using nanoparticles evolved to become an integral tool for the enhancement of properties of drugs or actives, minimization of harmful side effects, and clearly bring superior outcomes. This communication is an overview of several examples of drug delivery technologies for oral controlled release, mucosal oral delivery, targeting drug delivery and transdermal drug delivery but also examples of cosmetics and food supplements using nanotechnology as main strategy. In addition to the potential beneficial use of each type of nanocarrier, attention will also be drawn to the question of how we should proceed with the safety evaluation of these nanocarriers since the current requirements seem to be adequate to detect the adverse effects but it is expected that all aspects of nanoparticle toxicology will be reviewed further in the near future.

Catarina Pinto Reis is currently Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Lisbon). She is a member of Imed-ULisboa and collaborator at IBEB (FCUL) research group. She is also an external consultant of Infarmed. In 1997, she attended the University of Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal) and graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Her doctoral studies were also undertaken at the University of Coimbra with several important international collaborations where she developed an interest in advanced drug delivery systems.  Those studies have been recognized through a number of national prizes.

Her research involves a multidisciplinary platform; it has been focused on design, development and biological evaluation of drug delivery systems for oral, dermal and transdermal delivery, with special interest on metallic and polymeric nanocarriers. Other interests are the establishment of animal models of cancer and metabolic diseases like diabetes and, recently, the development of nanocarriers with natural products for the treatment of skin disorders such as melanoma or for skin care like cosmetics. She is author or co-author of several articles, book chapters and inventor of patents.

Departamento de Física

A iniciativa conta com a participação de Luís Saraiva (Ciências ULisboa).

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Webinars da redeSAÚDE, de participação gratuita (mediante inscrição prévia).

Geometry Webinar, por João Pedro dos Santos (Universidade de Paris-Sorbonne e Universidade de Montpellier).

A iniciativa conta com a participação de Maria João Verdasca (cE3c, Ciências ULisboa).

Conversa com Galopim de Carvalho.

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A Feira Internacional dos Minerais, Gemas e Fósseis está de regresso ao Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência!

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Bioecosys brings together expertise and experience in forest ecosystem management and economics to communicate recent findings and to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and best practices to stakeholders and forest actors.

Workshop promovido pelo GAPsi - Gabinete de Apoio Psicopedagógico.

Mathematical Logic Webinar, por Paulo Santos (Universidade Nova de Lisboa - CMA).

Talks @DI, por Marcelo Inuzuka e Ruan Rodrigues.

Seminário no âmbito da Unidade Curricular de Introdução aos Recursos Naturais Vegetais, por Jorge Faria (INIAV - Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária / MED - Instituto Mediterrâneo para a Agricultura, Ambiente e Desenvolvimento).

Sessão de apresentação do livro coordenado por José Almeida Silva (IDL / Ciências ULisboa).

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This Workshop will gather specialists in the field of Combinatorial Optimization, from several countries, to present and discuss recent research work around this subject. Luís Gouveia, coordinator of CMAFcIO and José Rui Figueira, president of CEG-IST will present the Opening Session.

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Formação de Comunicação em Ciência(s), por Cristina Nobre Soares.

Conversa com Galopim de Carvalho.

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The training program will provide industry and academia the technological and scientific pathways required for deployment of sustainable cost-effective large scale energy storage and conversion powered by renewable energies.

Workshop promovido pelo GAPsi - Gabinete de Apoio Psicopedagógico.

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Candidaturas a decorrer até 15 de dezembro de 2021.

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This meeting is a forum for scientists of all academic levels, (from master to principal investigators), to present their work and discuss, fostering new ideas and collaborations. We invite researchers from all over the world to participate and submit their work.

Conferência do Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia, por Céline Paillette (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Desde o início de 2020 que somos bombardeados, através da comunicação social, com informações sobre o novo coronavírus humano - SARS-CoV-2 - que provoca a síndrome respiratória aguda grave. Nunca se comunicou tanto, em tempo real, um tema científico, mas será que já vimos todas as nossas perguntas sobre este tema respondidas?

Pormenor de mapa do continente europeu

Candidaturas online de 01 a 31 de dezembro de 2021.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to predict the three-dimensional structure of nucleic acid and proteins from their sequence and use the acquired knowledge to improve or create new methodologies in molecular biology research and diagnostics.

The course SoilEco aims at introducing attendants to an updated state of the art of diversity of the soil biota and the functional roles played by soil organisms in key ecological processes.

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Understanding plant water relations at several scales under climate change is the theme of the XV Portuguese-Spanish Water relations Symposium: “Water relations under climate change: from genes to ecosystem”.