CELab PhD Seminars

Digital spaces of loneliness and intimacy


Por Lucy Osler (Cardiff University).

The internet seems like an inherently social place – offering numerous platforms for chatting and sharing with, commenting on, and watching and listening to others. Yet, the internet has a bad rep when it comes to sociality. Sherry Turkle (2017) draws attention to the swaths of individuals who feel that their large digital social networks leave them feeling disconnected and alone. In a similar vein, Laura Candiotto (2022) claims that hyperconnectivity drives loneliness. In this presentation, I consider how the specific design of particular digital platforms (e.g., Twitter, WhatsApp, and Massively Multiplayer Online games) create spaces that promote loneliness and intimacy.

Bio: Lucy Osler is a philosophy Lecturer at Cardiff University. She specialises in phenomenology, 4E approaches to cognition and affectivity, and phenomenological psychopathology. Her current research is focused on investigating the structures of digital spaces and exploring how they impact our social relations and experiences.

Transmissão via Zoom.

Anna Ciaunica, Giulia Chiosini Hambsch, Tânia Couto e Víctor Vila Ramírez